Aftermaster Audio Labs

Aftermaster Audio Labs successfully crowd funded the Aftermaster TV and brought its award winning product to CES 2016 where I got to check out the magic.

Aftermaster TV is designed for the home audio space, it is a device that changes the landscape of television audio by solving the “sound dilemma” of switching between inputs. The TV Box equalizes sound across HDMI channels. It works on everything from a standard HDMI cable or satellite box to gaming consoles such as PS4 and Xbox—in addition to mobile devices, headphones, speakers and streaming products such as the Chromecast or Cable TV.

Aftermaster helps brings audio levels in line so you don’t have to turn the volume up and down in between commercials or during intense action scenes in movies or TV shows.

Aftermaster TV will come in three options and will be available for purchase this February – May. You can pre-order them now at

Three Aftermaster TV Box Options Available
1. Standard Aftermaster TV system with one HDMI in and out for A/V. Retail: $129

  • 1x hdmi in
  • 1x HDMI out
  • photo-original

2. “Limited Edition” AfterMaster TV system has one HDMI in and out for A/V and 3.5mm in and out jacks for audio only use and a built-in battery rechargeable battery. This allows an AM TV box to be used on the go with a laptop, cell phone, headphones, etc. Great for music or gaming. Retail: $149

  • 1x HDMI in
  • 1x HDMI out
  • 1x analogue in
  • 1x analogue out

3. The Aftermaster TV PRO is the same as the Limited Edition but it has an extra HDMI in port. Retail: $159

  • 2x HDMI in
  • 1x HDMI out
  • 1x analogue in