GRAMMY® Award-Nominated Mixer And Engineer Andrew Wuepper Joins Aftermaster

Aftermaster, Inc. (OTCQB: AFTM), an industry-leading and award-winning audio technology company, announces the addition of GRAMMY® Award-nominated mixer and engineer Andrew Wuepper as Senior Mixer and Engineer. He becomes part of one of the music industry’s most prestigious teams alongside a powerhouse roster of award-winning audio experts. The Aftermaster team collectively boasts the largest discography of hit music of any audio technology company in the world.

“It’s an honor to welcome one of the 21st century’s premier engineers and mixers to our executive team in this senior role,” said Larry Ryckman, President and CEO of Aftermaster. “Andrew has left an indelible impact on the engineering and mixing fields, and his perspective will greatly augment our expansion and complement our existing team. We’re thrilled to begin working together as we collectively further establish a new paradigm for consumer and professional audio.”

Beginning his career over a decade ago as a protégé to legendary mixer Dave Pensado and RedZone founder Tricky Stewart,Seattle native Wuepper’s credits span from mixing on Justin Bieber’s 2015 blockbuster Purpose to engineering for Katy Perry, Snoop Dogg, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Ciara, Jennifer Lopez, and Céline Dion in addition to work in film and TV such as Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax. Cumulative sales for albums he’s worked on exceed 50 million, while he’s garnered a total of three GRAMMY® Award nominations.

“I’d like to thank Larry and the entire executive team for this incredible opportunity to make history together,” added Wuepper. “I’ve been playing close attention to Aftermaster since its inception, and the strides the company has made in a short time are nothing short of inspiring. I’m thrilled to join the new Audio Revolution as driven by the industry’s vanguard!”

Aftermaster was developed to deliver a never before heard breakthrough in real-time audio mastering, re-mastering and audio processing which delivers a superior playback of any audio event throughout the entire frequency range. Wuepper will fuel the company’s innovations in mixing and engineering based in Aftermaster’s legendary Recording and Mastering studio in Hollywood, CA.