Aftermaster SuperBar Pro™

Aftermaster has developed two revolutionary sound-bars – the compact “Superbar ” (38″ x 3″ x 3″) and the “Superbar Pro” (40″ x 4″ x 4″). We call them revolutionary because they deliver never before heard audio quality from a soundbar design. Aftermaster achieved this leap by integrating Aftermaster’s proprietary, award-winning audio processing technology with components that are optimized to process and deliver Aftermaster technology at its best. State of the art speakers, clean and powerful amplifiers and custom crossovers are integrated into a proprietary acoustic shell, all designed to compliment our award-winning and patented Aftermaster audio processing technology.

Aftermaster SuperBar™

Sound-bars are traditionally designed for use with TV audio. In contrast, Aftermaster engineers come from the music industry and we designed our Superbars to perform at the levels and quality of a home stereo system, but in a soundbar format. As a recognized experts in television audio, we then added our proprietary TV audio processing to clarify and raise dialogue levels, giving the Superbar the best of both worlds.

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