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Aftermaster Audio Labs is an award-winning, leading edge audio technology company that specializes in the development of proprietary and groundbreaking audio technologies and products. Aftermaster Audio Labs developed Aftermaster® audio, the first true breakthrough in audio technology that brings unparalleled amplitude, depth, clarity and fullness to any audio recording throughout its entire frequency range, without compromise. The Aftermaster team’s discography includes more hit records than any other audio technology company in the world. We know what sounds right.


Aftermaster products and divisions include: Aftermaster semiconductor chips and software for embedding in consumer products, Aftermaster developed and branded consumer and professional electronic products, ProMaster on-line music mastering for independent music artists and in-studio professional music mastering services. For more information, please visit aftermaster.com/products

Aftermaster Audio Labs, a division of Aftermaster, Inc. (OTCQB:AFTM), is an industry leading audio technology company based in Hollywood, California.  Aftermaster was founded pursuant to a multi-year, multi-million dollar development effort and is driven by innovators focused on exploring bold new possibilities in digital audio processing.   Aftermaster Audio Labs is headed by a group of world class audio engineers and music industry veterans who have been involved with the development and implementation of countless successful proprietary audio technologies and products over the last 25 years as well as an unrivaled resume of hit music recordings.

The Aftermaster Audio Labs mission was to bring Texture, Shape, Form and Emotion back to Consumer Audio.  The rapid adoption of digital audio was a disruptive and highly trans-formative force in not only the music industry, but also the consumer electronics industry. However, few addressed the issue of whether digital audio quality could really be markedly improved.   Aftermaster Audio Labs undertook the challenge of finding innovative ways to take digital audio to significantly greater heights in amplitude, depth and clarity without altering file size or distorting the original recording. Solving the digital audio riddle involved exploring unconventional approaches and pairing technological innovation with the team’s expertise to develop a novel technology that can solve a variety of issues that were limiting the sound quality of digital audio.

After thousands of hours of developing, listening and testing, a true breakthrough in digital audio processing emerged that far surpassed expectations and has the potential to change the industry once again.  That technology is the award winning Aftermaster Audio (“Aftermaster”). Aftermaster Labs maintains five primary business units: Professional music mastering, consumer electronics, online mastering, Aftermaster Recording and Mastering Studios and Audio Consulting services.

Aftermaster Audio Technology

Aftermaster is a groundbreaking and revolutionary audio technology developed for mastering, re-mastering and processing of audio.  It is unlike any other audio enhancement product or mastering process commercially available.  Aftermaster delivers an unparalleled clarity, depth, imaging and fullness to audio recordings while delivering a significant increase in volume without increased distortion, loss of dynamic range or affecting high and low frequencies.  It brings audio alive and creates imaging and depth to the flat sound field inherent in digital audio.  Its versatility and smart processing characteristics make it effective across a broad range of applications stemming from professional recording studios to a standalone speaker unit.

The Aftermaster process is highly sophisticated and was developed by challenging the listening standard for digital audio that became the norm and taking it to a new level.  Aftermaster engineers focused on the core elements of an audio event and its analog to digital to analog conversions and discovered a new and unique pathway to deliver an audio experience that has never been heard before. Thousands of hours of testing, millions of songs and audio sources of all types have been processed using Aftermaster’s award winning technology and the results have spoken for themselves with platinum records, numerous strategic partnerships and overwhelming industry support. What truly makes the Aftermaster system standout is the universal nature of the platform, as it can greatly enhance the listening experience in applications that span far beyond music.

Aftermaster technology is currently used by professional mastering engineers to master music for some of the worlds biggest artists, for online music mastering for independent artists and soon in consumer hardware products.

The Aftermaster Difference

Audio enhancement technologies have been offered for decades and generally focus on using wideners, expander’s and volume boosters.  Traditional enhancers typically add high end exciters and widen the audio to make sound appear to be enhanced, when in reality they lose frequency range, change the balance and degrade the sonic integrity noticeably.  This results in a muddy playback or changes important elements of a recording.  In music, it thins out the drums, vocals, bass, losing the top or bottom and the dynamic range.  In essence, the production style and creative intent of what the artist, engineers, producers and mastering technicians intended for the public to hear is changed by blanket processors.

Unlike other audio post production processes, Aftermaster preserves the original intention of an audio event and brings greater clarity, depth and amplitude to all of the audio elements without changing the integrity of the underlying recording. This is accomplished by Aftermaster’s proprietary and state-of-the-art Adaptive Intuitive Response™ mechanisms and complex algorithms, which provide a ground breaking, pristine listening experience where virtually every sonic detail is heard with added warmth and fidelity.  Indeed, without any compromises, apparent volume, richness and clarity can now be obtained on any device when Aftermaster’s real time intuitive audio enhancement is utilized.

For more information on Aftermaster technology please contact: contact@Aftermaster.com

Industry Feedback

“Aftermaster allows me to present my music with no compromises. Having the process so easily available is an extremely powerful tool.”

Andrew Dawson

Producer/Engineer: Kanye West, Lil Wayne, JayZ

“Finally I can have maximum loudness and still preserve my depth and clarity. Aftermaster is the after life for music. That is, it is like heaven.”

Jack Douglas

Super Producer/Engineer: The Who, John Lennon, Aerosmith

“The cutting-edge Aftermaster technology will redefine music mastering in our industry.”

Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins

Super Producer: Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber.

“Aftermaster makes a song sound bigger, louder and gives the song clarity. Aftermaster gives us all a whole new listening experience, it truly breaths new life into even a previously mastered song.”

Richard Perry

Super Producer: Rod Stewart, Carly Simon, Barbra Streisand

“Aftermaster gives music a wide, stadium sized sound, and enhances every detail without compromising any dynamic range! This will be one of the most talked about new technologies in audio!”

Andrew Wuepper

Engineer/Mixer: Katy Perry, Rihanna, LL Cool J, Future

“It’s important to always keep your mixing style fresh. I’m blown away with the new and unique sound that Aftermaster brings to my mix.”

Tony Shepperd

Producer/Engineer: Quincy Jones, Lionel Ritchie, Sheléa, Whitney Houston, Madonna

“Aftermaster – it’s simple; more music.”

Niko Bolas

Producer/Engineer: Neil Young, Warren Zevon, Sting, Billy Joel, Fiona Apple

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