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“The new “Aftermaster Studio Pro” is coming soon! It’s an incredibly powerful 1 U 19″ rack mount engineering marvel that will transform audio almost everywhere. For the first time, Aftermaster’s incredible award-winning audio technology will be available to professional and home recording studios, radio stations, bars and restaurants, schools, church’s, department and grocery stores, stadiums and live concerts and much more. Everything will sound substantially clearer, fuller, deeper and louder without distortion.

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Aftermaster Consumer Products


Aftermaster is pleased to introduce its first proprietary (patents issued and pending) consumer hardware product, the Aftermaster Pro, the world’s first Personal Audio Remastering Device™. Aftermaster exclusively developed the one-of-a-kind audio device and created a completely new product category in the consumer electronics industry.

The Aftermaster PRO was developed to allow consumers to have convenient access to Aftermaster’s award winning and unparalleled sound from all audio/video sources. The Aftermaster Pro transforms television audio by raising and clarifying dialogue levels, while making all surrounding audio sound substantially better. It connects easily via HDMI to virtually any audio/video source (cable box, satellite box, video game station, etc.). It’s also equipped with an internal rechargeable battery and 3.5mm audio ports so it can be used on-the-go with a smart phone, tablet, computer, headphone or any other audio enabled device.

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Aftermaster Embedded Products

Aftermaster Audio Labs is leading the way in creating groundbreaking digital signal processing (DSP) technology for audio enabled products. Using the same process that is revolutionizing the music and audio industries, Aftermaster is designing cutting-edge products that can be deployed in both consumer hardware products and in streaming media applications.


Aftermaster entered into a multi-year partnership with ON Semiconductor, a global designer and manufacturer of semiconductors to develop and distribute DSP microchips loaded with Aftermaster technology. The power of Aftermaster audio is now available on the low-power, micro form-factor BelaSigna 300 DSP AM DSP chip. The chip specifications can be viewed at BelaSigna 300 AM Specs.

The Belasigna 300 AM will bring never before heard audio quality to dozens of consumer and professional audio products including, headphones, televisions, stereos and computers. Aftermaster proprietary audio technology offers a significant increase in loudness, clarity, depth and fullness not available through traditional audio mastering and processing technologies.

With 16 different profiles available as well as highly customized tuning for specific devices, the On/Aftermaster chip can overcome many of the limits of small speakers and even rear/downward facing speakers that are now commonplace in flat screen television on the market.


The proprietary Aftermaster algorithm is also offered as a software only product that can be injected into existing microprocessors, or into computer-based applications. Aftermaster software can be implemented in streaming media applications, catalogue mastering, film re-mastering, professional recording, and others.

ProMaster – Online Audio Processing

The ProMaster automated mastering process offers an affordable and expeditious way for independent musicians, TV, video and film production companies, government and law enforcement agencies and others who need the industry leading quality of Aftermaster audio. Audio files are securely uploaded via the internet and are processed using cloud based computing services for uncompromised quality and rapid turnaround.

ProMaster has proven especially popular with independent musicians by offering access to Aftermaster technology for the mastering of their music directly from their computers. ProMaster offers affordable, professional quality audio mastering for the unsigned and independent artist who traditionally cannot afford to master their music through major mastering houses. Aftermaster audio technology makes ProMastered independent music sound finished, important and radio ready no matter the style or genre of music. Millions of songs have been successfully processed through ProMaster online.

ProMaster for independent music is available online at and through Guitar Center’s nationally.  In addition, ProMaster has partnered with Adobe Systems and is tightly integrated to Adobe Audition through the Adobe Add-On marketplace.

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Music Production, Mixing, Recording & Mastering

Aftermaster Recording Studios

Aftermaster Audio Labs operates Aftermaster Recording and Mastering Studios in Hollywood, California. The state-of-the art recording, mixing and mastering studios have been used for music by some of the worlds top artists including Lady Gaga, Kanye West, FUN., Janet Jackson, Akon and Nick Cannon.

Aftermaster Audio Labs offers its world class mastering services for professional music recordings using its award winning Aftermaster technology to make music bigger and more exciting than is offered by traditional mastering techniques.

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